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Kingdom Kids BridgeWay Assembly of God
BridgeWay Assembly of God Nursery

The Nursery

Our nursery is a special place for the littlest ones to rest or play or to have their needs attended to. It is located between the foyer and the sanctuary. There is a private room for nursing moms, playpens for resting, a play area with toys for active little ones. and a restroom. Want to volunteer? Contact Tammy.

BridgeWay Assembly of God Kids Church

Kingdom Kids

“Kingdom Kids” are 3 to 12 years old. In Kid’s Church we pray together, sing and worship, read and learn the Word, and give offerings, just like in the Big Church. There are snacks, activities and often crafts to take home. We have fun! A class for middle and high school students is just beginning, too!

BridgeWay Assembly of God BGMC


Each month we have BGMC day during Children’s Church, when the kids learn about a country and culture different from their own.  They learn how blessed they are to live in this country.  Moreover, they gain a heart of compassion for those in other lands, and a prayer burden for the children there.

Join Us

Sunday - 11:00 AM

Our main church service starts at 10:30 AM with a time of prayer and worship before children are dismissed to their classrooms around 11:00 AM.

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Wednesday - 6:00 PM

Your younger children are able to participate in fun activities while our youth group and adult bible studies provide you and the rest of your family with an opportunity for learning and fellowship.

Our Curriculum

 In Kid’s Church, we teach using the “TruFire” curriculum with ages 3 through middle school in our four classrooms.  TruFire explores Scripture chronologically, showing kids where their lives fit in God’s Big Story.  There is a big emphasis on helping kids connect with the Holy Spirit through the Word, listening, worship, prayer and action. Here God is central, and His character and role are highlighted in every story.  Lessons are fun and engaging, with hands-on age appropriate activities.

TruFire Blessings

3 Year Olds

TruFire Wonder

Preschool & Kindergarten

TruFire Story

First to Fifth Grade

TruFire Identity

Middle School

BridgeWay Assembly of God Kids Church Classroom


Please know that your child’s safety is of great importance to all of us at BridgeWay. Each adult who works with kids 0-18 years old receives annual training in child abuse prevention and recognition, is screened by our ministry and submits to a criminal background check every two years.

Please provide a cell number on the registration form so that we can contact you if your child needs you while in our care, and keep your cell close by! After class, children can only be released to the person who has signed the registration form or another designated adult.

Kids Church

Please take a few minutes to complete this form before your child is admitted to class so that we can provide the best experience for your child(ren). Thanks!

Have Questions?

Contact Connie Holifield, Childrens Ministry Leader

(208) 946-3844

We take pictures in the classroom for ID purposes and for crafts. Do we have your permission to take pictures of your child/ren?

Thank You!

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